Rules that should be followed inside the Academy

1. Smoking is prohibited inside the academy.

2. Eating and drinking are prohibited in the academy.

3. Students are not allowed to roam around in the academy’s corridor.

4. Students must maintain the classroom’s cleanliness for the next group.

5. Teachers should control the students’ voices as a respect for other classrooms.

6. Classroom doors must remain closed during the use of the class.

7. The teacher must follow the schedule being confirmed by the academy.

8. Each teacher should commit to his/her class upon agreement by the academy.

9. Students’ database and application forms are proprietary to the academy; the teacher may claim a copy.

10. The teacher must inform the academy if an extra classroom is needed.

11. In case a teacher needs another room for use, a teacher’s assistant must be in charge of this room.

12. Teachers must be committed to the time they have requested as per the academy timing; NO extra time is being given if not scheduled.

Safety and security rules are strictly applied by the management of Renaissance Academy and Mirage Mall. In case of any violation to these rules and/or any sconduct, an immediate disciplinary action will be taken against the offender.